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New, Natural, Now: Trendy Health and Beauty Products at Avon

With the North American division of Avon under new ownership (LG H&H) has come an explosion and infusion of new, natural and trendy health and beauty products. This is definitely not what you remember your grandma ordering from her "Avon Lady". Avon is now a community of beauty influencers promoting, selling and earning off of trendy new health and beauty products!

Fruits & Passion Cucina Hand Soap with Olive Oil: Exquisitely scented, luxury hand soap. This gentle hand soap has a biodegradable formula with plant-derived natural ingredients, including olive oil and glycerin. This soap also washes away food odors without drying hands and leaves them soft and moisturized.

Minding My Mood 4-in-1 Essential Oil Blends: Introducing Avon Aromatherapy. This natural fragrance oils are formulated to enhance your state of mind… anywhere, anytime. Avon Aromatherapy comes in two blends: Energize and Calm. With Energize, you will feel refreshed and focused with lively mandarin and stimulating ylang-ylang, an exotic floral derived from the tropical ylang-ylang tree. With Calm, you will find your inner bliss with comforting lavender and soothing star anise, a fragrant spice. These oils are easy to use in multiple ways. You can apply them directly to your pulse points, such as wrists, neck, temples and the bottom of feet; add a few drops to a warm bath; mix a few drops into body lotion;; or add to a room diffuser (10-20 drops or to your liking).

Perioe Himalaya Pink Salt Toothpaste and Toothbrush: Did you know that Himalayan pink salt is known for its cleaning properties and was used in traditional Korean oral hygiene practices? This vegan formula is fluoride free and comes in a pump bottle with a creamy paste or a tube with a gel paste with aloe vera essence beads. Both formulas come in a Ice Mint and Floral Mint flavor. Be sure to pair this toothpaste with a Perioe Himalaya Pink Salt Toothbrush, which contains microfibers with natural Himalayan pink salt to help keep teeth clean. This tooth brush also features multi-level bristles for all-over cleaning power. The shorter bristles clean the tooth surface and the longer bristles clean between teeth and help remove plaque and food. They are available with soft or medium bristles.

The Elastine Propoli Thera is a rejuvenating hair care line with ingredients from BEES that will infuse every strand of hair with healthy looking body and shine. So what’s in it and how does it work? This line contains Propolis – tree sap that bees combine with their own beeswax to use as a coating for their hives. It contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to help restore weak and brittle hair; Honey – made by bees from the nectar of flowers and helps restore moisture to dry hair; and Royal Jelly – the food of bees, which helps lock in shine and restores hair’s natural luster. The formulation is also sulfate and paraben free! There are two shampoo/conditioner lines – damage repair and volumizing; as well as two treatments – a serum and a hair mask to help protect, strengthen and moisturize hair.

Avon CHI Essentials Hair Color: Salon Color, without the salon! Introducing Avon CHI Essentials hair color - a professional formula with aloe, silk, olive oil and other natural ingredients. This ammonia-free formula comes in 12 shades that offer 100% gray coverage, vibrant color and radiant shine with staying power. Avon CHI Essentials is also paraben-free, paba-free. Phthalates-free and sulfate free and only contains the good stuff for gorgeous, healthy hair.

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