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NEW Avon Digital Sign Up

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Avon is a strong direct selling company that has been around for 133 years and counting!  We’re not one of those fad companies that come and go in 5, 10, 20 years or have that one hot product that everyone wants for a year or two then fades away. 

Avon is known as a company that has an array of products – skincare, fragrance, make-up, jewelry, bath and body, fashion, holiday and home, men’s, kids and more – literally something for everyone in the family! 

Many of the products are consumables, meaning once they’re gone, customers come back asking for more!  Our products are also quality products that not only work, but are affordable too!  Avon has come out with so many new and innovative products over the past several years, and many are more naturally based too! 

This is not your grandma’s Avon anymore!  With these changes, while traditional selling through a physical brochure continues, Avon is making a stronger move into the digital world.  With that push into digital selling comes new opportunities, new products, and new starter kits!

Starting April 3, 2019, Avon will be offering three sign up options – priced at $30 each (but up to an $80 value!).  You will get to choose the one that fits you the best. 

Here is a summary of the new kits, what’s in each one and why you’ll love them:

All Eyes On You

This kit includes four of our newest products that will be sure to make for a super-easy AM regimen to get you out the door and ready to conquer the world!  This kit includes:

-Anew Hydra Fusion De-Puffing Eye Serum

-Anew Hydra Fusion Gel Cream

-Avon True Color Love at 1st Last Mascara in Blackest Black

-Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss in Stunner (clear)

Think this set is the right fit for you? Join now to get this set!

I’m A Glow Getter

This kit includes a few of our classic products as well as a few new favorites that will be sure to help you turn up your radiance!  This kit includes:

-Avon True Color Lipstick in Persimmon Pink

-Avon True Color Eyeshadow in Mocha Latte

-Avon True Color Love at 1st Last Mascara in Blackest Black

-MagiX Face Perfector (face primer), SPF 20

-Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum (reformulated and includes 10% vitamin C!)

Think this set is the right fit for you?  Join now to get this set!

My BFF: Best Face Forever

This kit includes some can’t-live-without essentials for your eyes, lips and face!  This kit includes:

-Avon Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir

-Avon True Color Lipstick in Delicate Date

-Avon True Color Love at 1st Last Mascara in Blackest Black

-PLUS, not pictured, Avon True Color Glimmerstick Eyeliner

Think this set is the right fit for you?  Join now to get this set!

In addition to the products, the $30 sign-up fee also includes:

-2 Brochures: 1 from the current campaign and 1 from the next campaign

-Free online store for 24/7 sales (no monthly fees!)

-Free marketing tools you can run with

-Free social media posts to share the latest

-Full access to our exclusive rep website to help you manage your business

-Free on-demand training and tutorials to up your beauty game on AVON U

Are you ready to access all of this now? Join HERE to get your instant access to selling and training!

Once you join, you will get instant access to everything online as well as 1:1 support from me!  You can start sharing your online store and digital brochure RIGHT AWAY!  Use social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more; text everyone you know; talk to everyone you meet; ask for referrals and share away! 

You can also start sharing and selling the Daily Care Collection right away. New representatives can sell this bundle during their first 6 campaigns:

Once your product set arrives, try them, demo them, share them! Use pictures of you using them, make a video talking about a product, or a Facebook Live unboxing your kit or about what made you choose Avon! This way, you can give an authentic review of these products, which are some of our best sellers!

When someone orders from your online store, the order will ship directly to them and you will get your commission paid from Avon in just 2 days!

Start earning TODAY!

You can also sell the traditional way in addition to online selling. You can order brochures, samples and any products for you or your customers with your first order.

All new representatives will also be eligible to participate in the KickStart Program. This is an opportunity for new representatives to earn up to 40% during the first 7 campaigns. New representative will be eligible for 40% earnings on their first order, no matter the size. However business tools (i.e. brochures, bags) and samples are not eligible for 40% earnings.

Earn big with KickStart NOW!

Check out some of my other blogs for tips on selling online and even traditionally.

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