• Kristi Crawford

New and NOW! Campaign 4, 2019

Campaign 4, 2019 features Avon’s new line, #Nakedproof, that contains three new and innovative creams to target certain skin/body complaints many women have – cellulite, firmness and stretch marks.

FACT: Did you know that 90% of adult women have some form of cellulite?

Smooth Moves is Avon’s best anti-cellulite treatment since Cellu-Sculpt! 98% of the test subjects who used this product saw an improvement in just 4 weeks, dramatically reducing the look of then the most persistent cellulite! This product has the active ingredients L-Carnitine and Chai Hu that target fat cells, reducing the look of cellulite. Get yours HERE

Always stand firm – don’t let sagging skin get you down!

Affirm Yourself firming cream can be used on almost any area of the body – abdomen, hips, arms and more! 96% of the women who tried this product saw improvement in the firmness and tone of their skin on their abdominal and hip areas. This product contains Caffeine Complex, which stimulates natural collagen production to visibly firm skin. Get yours HERE

Stop Stretch Marks (in their tracks!)

My absolute favorite and the one that I was personally most excited about was the End of the Line stretch mark cream. I started to develop stretch marks half way through my second pregnancy and I was not thrilled how they made my abdomen look. So I was extremely excited for this product.

The End of the Line stretch mark cream instantly diffuses the appearance of stretch marks and in two weeks dramatically reduces the appearance of stretch marks. I had personal results in just 4 days! This cream contains shea butter and pomegranate extract which stimulate natural elastin production for visibly reduced stretch marks. Get yours HERE

So what are you waiting for? Target your problem area and get #Nadekproof HERE!

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