• Kristi Crawford

Love Your Lashes!

Have you heard? Avon has a NEW lash and brow activating serum that has naturally based ingredients... and it's even missing something the other lash serums on the market have... the chemical that can change the iris if your eye to brown!

This unique serum includes a peptide blend and botanicals that are designed to dramatically enhance the look of your lashes, making them look more naturally longer and fuller! In fact, 84% of women who tested this product before it hit the market agreed they have visibly fuller, longer and healthier looking lashes.

The lash serum is to be applied nightly to your lashes and/or brows on a clean face. You simply swipe the thin brush with the serum over your upper lashes and/or brows. Consistency in use is key to get the best results. This picture is of a test market subject and shows her actual results after only 8 weeks of consistent use.

So after seeing these results, of course I was excited to try this product. Below you will see my before and after pictures. Keep in mind, many consultants from other companies who are using a similar product take their after pictures at 2 and 4 months (8 and 16 weeks), so I will have more results to come in 2 more months!

Along with the new lash serum, Avon introduced a new, more naturally based mascara - LOVE for Lashes. The LOVE complex is the basis of the formula - Lycopene, Olive Oil and Vitamin E. There are also heart shaped fibers in the formula that help add volume.

Here is my actual lashes with the LOVE for Lashes mascara applied

SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Get your Lash Serum and LOVE Mascara right now by CLICKING HERE !

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