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Incentives for New Representatives

Everyone wants to be successful when they launch a new business. Knowing that a stronger start can lead to increased long term success, Avon has developed some incentive programs to help new representatives maximize their earnings while launching and building their new business.

KICKSTART FOR NEW REPRESENTATIVES – Earn $1000 or more in your first 90 days

Kickstart for New Representatives is a program designed to help new representatives maximize their earnings while starting their new business. Knowing that it takes time to grow and build a customer base, this program is designed to help new representatives earn right away and as they continue to grow.

Representatives will earn 40% on everything they sell in their first campaign and get 40% off everything they purchase for themselves in their first campaign (including home and fashion). The 2nd-7th campaigns have a sales goal to reach to continue to earn 40% (excluding home and fashion) as you grow.

Selling is not the only way to earn with Avon. Inviting others to join in the business can also provide additional and sometimes substantial income. During a new representative’s first seven campaigns, for each person they bring into the business who places and pays on time for a first or second order of $150 (i.e. a Qualified New Recruit (QNR) ), the representative will earn a $50 bonus for each QNR.

When a new representative reaches all of the sales goals and brings at least 3 Qualified New Recruits into the business during their first 7 campaigns, they will be rewarded with a $200 bonus.

DAILY CARE COLLECTION – Grand opening special!

Avon has designed a bundled collection of some of their most popular products – Skin So Soft and Moisture Therapy – for new representatives to offer to their customers at an amazing price. New representatives can offer this bundle to customers during their first 7 campaigns. This is a great way to boost sales by offering it alone or as an add-on to an order. You’ll want to share this with everyone – text, email, social media and print off fliers!

TRAINING TOOLS FOR SUCCESS – Avon U and other tools to help you keep growing!

Avon offers training to all representatives through their online training hub called Avon U – which representatives have access to through their Representative Suite. Trainings in Avon U range from beginner information and training to continuing training for seasoned representatives. By taking advantage of this free training, you will learn ways to grow your business, gain new customers, learn about and promote products and so much more!

Avon also offers free training webinars and access to their Social Media hub, Avon Social. These are also both great tools to take advantage of, whether you’re a new or seasoned representative to help you keep growing your business.

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