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How Much Can You Earn As A New Avon Representative?

So how much can you really earn as an Avon representative? That is a question that I hear all the time, and the answer is quite different for everyone. How much you actually earn largely reflects how much effort you put into your business, however the opportunity to earn remains the same for everybody, including new representatives. All new representatives with Avon are eligible to play in the Pathway to Premier New Representative Incentive. This incentive gives new representatives an opportunity to earn up to $3250*, that includes $2000 in bonus money and regular commission earnings. But that’s not all! New representatives also have the opportunity to earn some free products and an account credit with their first campaign as an Avon representative. So let’s break all of this information down so you can understand exactly what you can earn as a new Avon representative.


As a new representative, you are considered a contender. This means that you do not yet have a sales title. All contenders earn 25% commission when they have beauty sales of $40 or more in a single campaign. Fashion and home sales are limited to 20% commission. A campaign is a two week time frame where a new brochure comes out, as well as some new products and this is also the time frame to meet campaign sales goals. The Pathway to Premier Incentive is based on 25% beauty earnings during each campaign.


The first sales title that an Avon representative that you can reach is Premier. When you reach the Premier level, the representative no longer has a minimum campaign sales requirement in order to earn a commission. The Premier level representative also increases their beauty earnings to 30%. A representative can promote to the Premier sales level when they reach $5000 in annual sales. The pathway to Premier Incentive is designed to help the new representative achieve this title in their first eight campaigns with Avon (roughly first 4 months).

The Pathway to Premier incentive consists of 2 bonuses: Stepping Stones and Milestones,

for up to a total of $2,000 in bonuses within your first 8 campaigns. Premier Level is a

Representative with sales of $5,000 to $9,999 per year. This incentive expires once you

reach the $5,000 sales requirement for reaching Premier or at the end of your 8th campaign,

whichever comes first.

1. Stepping Stone Bonuses reward you with $20 for every $200 in sales you achieve within

a campaign. For example: $600 in campaign sales = a $60 bonus. You can earn up to a total

of $500 in Stepping Stone Bonuses.

2. Milestone Bonuses reward you with a 10% bonus for every $1,000 in cumulative sales

during your first 8 campaigns, maxing out at a $500 bonus for $5,000 in sales. For example:

$1,000 in sales = a $100 bonus; $4,000 in sales = a $400 bonus. You can earn up to a total

of $1,500 in Milestone Bonuses.

To learn how you can achieve your sales goals over the first 8 campaigns in order to maximum your earnings during the pathway to premier program (and not leave anything on the table!), CHECK OUT MY VIDEO where I break it all down.


New representatives are also eligible to receive some free product as well as an account credit when they place their first order through their back office during their first campaign with Avon. All first orders qualify for a FREE Isa Knox Anew LX Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum and when that first order is $60+, the new representative will also earn a $10 account credit to use during their next campaign (within 28 days) as well as 135 lip balms! The lip balms make great “Thank You” gifts for your customers, are great for striking up conversations with new potential customers (who wouldn’t like getting a free lip balm when you share a brochure with them?!), or can be used for incentives on social media to encourage customers to follow your business page or customer group!

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Ready to get started, but not sure which enrollment option is right for you? Check out this post where I break down each enrollment option: 2021 Avon Enrollment Options

* All new Representatives earned an average of $112 over their first 8 campaigns, but those who participated in Pathway to Premier earned an average of $390 over their first 8 campaigns, based on those who started in Campaigns 5 through 19, 2020 (exclusive of signup and shipping costs).

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