• Kristi Crawford

Choosing Your Starter Kit

There was once a day, back when I started Avon, that there was only one kit option and that is what you started with. Fast forward to today, you now have options to choose from and decide how you want to start your business based on your business needs and wants. Kits now range from $25-$100 but all include the basics to get you started: brochures, samples, sales tools, a free online store and all of the training tools you need to get started!

So what kit should you choose? Here is a little more detail about each kit:


This is a business in a box. With this small investment, you get everything you need to start your Avon business plus more! This kit contains a few of our best selling full size products. These are great to have on hand for your initial sales, for you to sample and tell others about or to let your customers sample from. The value of this kit is amazing and is great for anyone looking to get started quickly! Think this kit is for your? Join here to get this kit.


This kit includes everything from the Quick Start Kit plus more full size products. This means more products to have on hand to sell up front, sample and talk about! Think this kit is for you? Get it here when you join today!


This is the kit of kits! It includes everything from the Advanced Starter Kit plus a more wide range of products and this AMAZING black Avon bag. This kit is great for holding an open house to launch your business, a Facebook Live to unbox your kit and showcase many of the amazing products, doing a vendor event, sell off hand to customers or sample all yourself! The bag included in this kit has a zipper area that folds down and contains a mirror – great for letting your customers see the products on them while on the go. There is also a pink caddy that fits right into the bag. This caddy is great for carrying your samples, business cards and even a few full size products for you to be able to sell on the go! Are you ready to start big and earn big? Launch your business today and take advantage of everything this kit has to offer!

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