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10 Steps to Successful Online Selling

As the song goes, "video killed the radio star...", digital is slowly killing traditional sales methods. To continue to be successful in sales, we must change what and how we market and sell products.

2019 is the year of online.  eCommerce is booming and many companies already exclusively sell online.  Last year, I made a commitment to do more business online and really made a leap at the beginning of 2019 to push online ordering more, and my efforts show. 

In a webinar my company hosted on February 28, 2019, I found out that I had the largest online sales growth from that time last year to the same time this year – almost a 3000% increase!  I have already sold 70% of what I sold all of last year online in just 3 months!

So how do you move more of your business online?  Here are my 10 Steps to Successful Online Selling:

1. Commit to success.  This starts by setting goals and following through with steps to meet those goals.  You need commit the time to do the work.  You may also need to invest a little financially to get some initial or better results.  Start small if you want small results.  Take massive action if you want massive results.  If you don't commit, then forget the rest of this blog post.

Are you ready to commit to build an online business?  Start now!

2. Learn the game.  Educate yourself.  Check out what training your company has to offer.  Specifically, for my company, be sure to take advantage of the Avon U Training hub, focusing on the Shortcut to Success and Social Selling Simplified series.  Follow other successful reps on social media, watch their YouTube videos and learn and duplicate what they are doing.  Start using Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets as business tools versus a time waster.  There's so much free information out there. 

Some things to ask yourself and learn about include: How do you attract more people to your social media?  Why stay away from negativity, religious, indecent joke memes, and politics?  What's a curiosity post?  What's an interactive post?  How do you build yourself as a brand?  Why post motivational and humor stuff? Why add or follow everybody and anybody as a friend?  Because 92 friends won't work. 

Are you ready to learn the game and build your online business?  Start now!

3. Start collecting data and use it.  This is why every company has loyalty cards - they want the data on us.  Get email addresses, phone numbers, anything.  Start an email club or use a mass texting service and start sending the link to the digital brochure or your online store.

4.   Tell your customers about their BENEFITS of online.  They will get their products faster since they don't have to wait on your order.  They won’t have to schedule delivery with you or leave money/products on the porch.  Sometimes there are offers online for free products, free samples, and free shipping.  They can also save money with discount codes – such as with the WELCOME10 coupon code for 10% off their first order for my company.  They can also add a free brochure with their order.  You can let your customers know about these benefits through email, text or even physically mailing it if you want. 

5.   Target your customers that already pay with credit card.  When they call with an order, especially one that will qualify for free shipping online, have a conversation with them about placing the order online.  Speak to the benefits.  Offer to help them set up their account and walk them through it the first time or two.  They are the customers that are most likely to go online.

6.  Order online from yourself one time.  See what the experience is like.  Then you can genuinely speak to it when interfacing with customers.

7. Start a monthly sample club.  Mail samples to online customers that either target their personal needs or feature new product launches.  Keeping the Rep/Customer relationship going and make recommendations based on their needs will keep the repeat orders coming.

8. Follow up!  Every time someone orders online, I personally mail a thank you card with a small sample.  This costs me one stamp.  If your budget is tight, you can consider sending an e-mail, text or eCard through a free eCard service thanking them for their order, ensuring their package arrived and that they were satisfied with their purchase. You also want to leave the door open if they have future product questions or need recommendations.

However, don't think of the sample club postage, or thank you card cost/postage as losing money.  You need that personal touch with customers.  They need to know you appreciate their business so they will continue ordering online with you.  You are saving fifty-something cents a mile from driving all around delivering orders.  Writing and mailing a thank you card is a lot less time that running around scheduling and delivering bags.

9. Ask your spouse, family or friends support you.  Have them share a post or two occasionally on social media.  They have a lot of friends that you don't know.

10.  Every physical brochure you hand out needs your website address and the WELCOME10 code on it.  Point these two items out to every person you talk to while giving them the brochure.  Sometimes people over look things or only know traditional door-to-door Avon service.  Again, speak of the benefits of ordering online.

All the above enables you to spend less time delivering to one customer at a time.  Now, with the saved time, you can spend getting a wide variety of customers.  You can make more money while truly working at home.

Are you ready to start your own home and follow these steps for success?  Start NOW!

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